Neil Barr is one of the most popular Mud-Wrestlers of all time. His ability to perform flips despite his size has been met with universal acclaim. He known for his KFC jokes and references due to it being his favorite "restaurant" , his finisher is even named after it.


His origins are unknown, but it is known he spent a large portion of his life in Scotland with his brother Sheamurph O'Frankie. They apparently caught the Loch Ness Monster, Sheamurph was fishing for it while Neil was swimming for it. They put it in a pot boiled it and ate it for breakfast.

Neil and Sheamurph were approached by Weslyan Executive, Neil Rumble who was acting on behalf of a "higher power" offered them a place in the fledgling Mud Wrestling Entertainment (MWE). This was clearly an offer they could not refuse. Neil took the name Big Ry Bar B while Sheamurph just used his name. They formed a tag team called the Bar Boyz.