His real name is David and as his name implies he was sent by the town. He was a sensation on the Chinese independent circuit where he was known as the Emerald Emir. He uses psychological warfare in his matches to gain the upper hand, these tactics consist of sexually suggestive mannerisms and the use of grounded emeralds which he throws into his opponent's face. He wears a green body suit and arrives in limo and walks to the ring with an old staff in one hand and a giant clock in the other.


This Aussie born international criminal, has been in jail at least 27 times and this is one of the reasons he is so successful in the world of Mud-Wrestling. He started his rise to fame on the independent circuit in China where he achieved superstardom. He got bored of that because no one could equal him and he had to pay a lot of insurance bills due to the injuries his opponents would acquire during his matches. The other reason he returned to Australia was that he was tired of the Chinese paying him minimum wage when he was clearly the best there was. He decided to join MWE as he believes this is his jackpot. Because MWE is in Australia it will be easy to go on Mud Wrestling Missions and then have a feed. Also Rumble promised a contract which super cedes his pay in China.